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About the Owner/Designer

Cliff Lutz came to Minnesota as a child. While growing up in Edina, Cliff excelled in music. At seventeen, he won the state wide competition to represent Minnesota in a renowned international band.
After attending the U. of M., Cliff played professionally for seven years at the Guthrie and Chanhassen Dinner Theater. He chose to live a simple life in the country southwest of Chaska. His love of nature and his desire to be constantly challenged led him down a road not often traveled.

When Dutch Elm Disease invaded the state in 1977, Cliff gave up his career in music and started a tree service. In 1985 he envisioned a pulp loading machine that was faster and more efficient than those currently used. He paid Hood Equipment to build such a machine. 

The Company’s Conception

Soft Touch Demolition was born three days after the new machine was operational. Arriving at the city of Mound one morning to begin removing the diseased trees for the day, a police officer signaled Cliff and his new rig to pull over. The officer explained that the city manager saw the incredible machinery and wanted Cliff driven back to city hall to look at an important project. 

The project was simple; a small vacant house “sandwiched” between newer constructions less than three feet away on two sides. The city manager explained that with this new machine, the house could be taken apart in pieces and safely removed without damaging the adjacent buildings.

Cliff instantly realized that the new machine could quickly remove the structure in a safe way. A price was agreed upon. The price was less than the city would have paid to remove the house by hand labor.
The next Saturday, without any help, Cliff removed the house in less than five hours with this machine. When completed, the concept of using the new machine to take apart buildings in tight places appeared; thus the creation of a company from a single event was born.

The Company’s Development 

While the idea was born in a moment, the conceptual development of the company took much longer. Many years were spent removing buildings in tight spots. There was no room for error, no space for any type of collapse. Each structure needed to come down one level at a time, often room by room. In no case could the structure left standing become unstable. It was safest to learn not to damage what was yet to be taken down.

Without knowing how they would be used in the future, Cliff was learning all the techniques needed to perform “tear offs”, or partial building removals. Knowledge about various types of construction was gained during those years. Every day, new ways to get the jobs completed in less time were developed and practiced.

The Present

With the acquisition of so many skills learned by using this unique equipment, new challenges appeared quickly. In the beginning, calls came in to remove roofs; then calls were received to remove entire second stories. Builders would hear of the machine and ask to have a house removed to its lower floor system or to a foundation, which was to be re-used for new construction. Removing attached garages and additions became a daily occurrence.

Mobile home parks found that the new machine was perfect for removing those homes that were not road worthy. Insurance companies found the new concept in demolition perfect for removing only those portions of a home severely damaged. The word spread and in 1998 a second more technically advanced machine was designed to keep up with the calls he received. 

Soft Touch Demolition has during its 36 years of service earned a distinguished name for itself and holds a unique position in the remodeling world. No other service company exists that does what this company is able to do. The company operates because of unmatched skills in operating this specialized equipment.

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